Wednesday, 29 December 2010

New Years Nails; Color Club - Revvvolution + Holographic Glitter Gradient

Hi Guys,
It's been more than a while since my last post, but my college coursework is all done now so I have a lot more free time to update regularly. I really hope everyone is having great time over the holiday period :) 

I've had this idea in my head for a few days now and finally got around to doing it. Revvvolution is a holographic deep charcoal polish that's extremely opaque, when my nails are shorter I can use just 1 coat however I like to use 2 when my nails are longer. I thought it was quite suitable for New Years - I tend to associate any celebration with glitter! My birthday is also on New Year's day so I tend to go all out :)

 After applying 2 coats of Color Club Revvvolution, whilst it was still wet I applied Stargazer holographic glitter using an ELF concealer brush which is extremely small. I concentrated the glitter at the tips, then feathered it down the nail to give a bit of a gradient effect.  I topped it off with Barry M's 3 in 1 nail paint as a top coat.

 Close-up of the glitter.

 - LadyDanger