Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Eyeko Cream With Extra Glow (Limited Edition)

Hi Everyone,

Eyeko recently sent me their new limited edition Cream With Extra Glow which essentially is a multi-purpose illuminating cream. I've had a chance to use this cream now around 4 times and I'm very impressed, it certainly does live up to Eyeko's statements of it being 'loaded with micro light reflecting pigments perfect for creating a soft focus sheen'. I've been using this cream for 2 things: adding a pea sized amount to my moisturiser to create an illiminating base for my makeup, and of course a cheek bone highlight. I've also used a little on the cupids bow and bridge of my nose. I'm certainly a fan when it comes to highlighters as they can brighten any tired or dull looking skin up in a second, being so pale I do like to add a little glow to my complexion.

I wouldn't use this cream directly on the face as a moisturiser as it is so shimmery and glowing it would look a bit too stark and sparkly, diluting it with a regular facial moisturiser adds a subltle glow that's suitable for both day and night wear.

As for the consistensy, it's a rich cream loaded full of light reflective shimmery particles - a little goes a long way. You get a lot of product too so this would be great for using on other areas of the body such as the decolletage (it looks beautiful on collar bones) or even arms and legs if you're a fan of glowing skin. It's very lightweight on the skin despite the cream being so rich. In the pot the cream is a shimmering golden pale pink, but once blended into the skin appears to add a silver sheen - but looking closer in different lighting a pale golden champagne and pink shimmer is visible. It's packaged in pearlescent pink pot with a screw top, it also has a protective white inner lid to prevent the cream from coating the main lid and creating a mess. 

(Skin swatches, blended and unblended in natural lighting)

Overall I'm very happy with the quality of the cream and will be purchasing a back-up. I'd also like to see how this compares to the original Eyeko 3 in 1 Cream which doens't have the 'Extra Glow'. I think this is ideal for those days when I don't feel like wearing foundation or just tinted moisturiser, however it works perfectly as an illuminating foundation base and highlighter over foundation too.

The cream is £8 for 28ml of product.

*This product was sent to me by Eyeko for review purposes, however all opinions are my own. I wouldn't feel comfortable featuring a product on my blog that I dislike or wouldn't buy as a consumer.*


Thursday, 5 August 2010

MAC Dazzle Lipstick - Naughty You

Hi Everyone,
I'm finally back home so I'm going to be able to post a lot more :) Today I went to MAC knowing both the Digi-Dazzle lipsticks and Dare To Wear collection were being released. I actually had to ask where they were in the store, only to be pointed to a tiny display next to the permanent lipsticks - the Dare To Wear lipglasses weren't even on a display stand as they'd only received them that morning.

I swatched all of the Dazzle lipsticks, they're packed full of glitter. I used a MAC wipe to remove them but still have some glitter left on the back of my hand. Naughty You is one of the colours I knew I was going to instantly like so I just picked that one up.

 As the lipsticks are packed full of micro glitter, they can seem a little frosty at first glance but definitely are sparkly. It's quite odd to look at a lipstick that's basically a tube of bright pink glitter. The pigmentation I found was similar to a Lustre finish, sheer on first swipe but quite buildable. The more unusual colours like Liquid Lurex and Hellraiser were a little more sheer than the other colours.

(close-up of glitter - being glitter it's really hard to photograph!)

MAC described the colour as a 'Neon Pink':

And it certainly is very bright, boarderline neon. It's a warm toned pink which is a nice change as most of the pinks I own are quite cool. The glitter gives a lighter pink-y silver sheen to the lipstick.

As for the swatches:

This is around 3 swipes and it's basically full coverage, I photographed my lips before to give you an idea of how the colour payoff is with my regular lip pigmentation which is quite pale. I only have a clear lip balm on my lips which I wiped off prior to application.
(natural lip pigmentation)

The formulation is really nice and creamy, definitely not matte. When I rubbed my lips together I couldn't feel the glitter particles at all. These are a bit of a pain to take off however, if you just wipe your mouth you're going to end up with glitter everywhere so I used a wet baby wipe which got nearly all of it off.


Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Make Up For Ever HD Blush - #6, Quickie

Hi Everyone,
I'm sure most people are familiar with Marlena (Makeup Geek) on YouTube. A few weeks a go I entered one of her Weekly Challenges on the Makeup Geek forum, the theme happened to be Lady Gaga and I was very shocked to be chosen as one of the winners. The quality of makeup everyone produced was amazing. The makeup look I entered that won was the Telephone makeup look I posted here back in March.

One of the prizes I chose was the Make Up For Ever HD Blush in #6 - Quickie. As Make Up For Ever is a bit of a pain to get hold of in the UK this is one of the first things I've tried from Make Up For Ever. The blush retails for £20.50 on www.makeup-provisions.com (PAM) for 10ml of product. On the Sephora website the colour is described as a 'Salmon Pink' which I agree with to an extent, it just seems to be a little deeper than expected.

Wayne (Gossmakeupartist on YouTube) noted in his review that you don't need to press the pump very hard or you're going to be left with too much product - and this is very true. The blush is very pigmented so the pump only needs the lightest touch. I do like the fact that it's a pump applicator, but it definitely releases way too much product.

The product sets to more of a satin finish as my foundation has more of a dewy finish without powder. Swatched on bare skin it definitely has more of a matte finish for me. I expected the formula to be somewhat runny, but I was surprised that it is thicker than expected but very light and easily blended. Lasting power is great, it lasts all day and I've even wore it for nights out without any problems.

Although the colour is gorgeous, I'm not sure if I'm in love with it on myself - I feel it could be a little too dark and stark against my pale skin. I think it would look beautiful against more olive or deeper skin tones.