Thursday, 5 August 2010

MAC Dazzle Lipstick - Naughty You

Hi Everyone,
I'm finally back home so I'm going to be able to post a lot more :) Today I went to MAC knowing both the Digi-Dazzle lipsticks and Dare To Wear collection were being released. I actually had to ask where they were in the store, only to be pointed to a tiny display next to the permanent lipsticks - the Dare To Wear lipglasses weren't even on a display stand as they'd only received them that morning.

I swatched all of the Dazzle lipsticks, they're packed full of glitter. I used a MAC wipe to remove them but still have some glitter left on the back of my hand. Naughty You is one of the colours I knew I was going to instantly like so I just picked that one up.

 As the lipsticks are packed full of micro glitter, they can seem a little frosty at first glance but definitely are sparkly. It's quite odd to look at a lipstick that's basically a tube of bright pink glitter. The pigmentation I found was similar to a Lustre finish, sheer on first swipe but quite buildable. The more unusual colours like Liquid Lurex and Hellraiser were a little more sheer than the other colours.

(close-up of glitter - being glitter it's really hard to photograph!)

MAC described the colour as a 'Neon Pink':

And it certainly is very bright, boarderline neon. It's a warm toned pink which is a nice change as most of the pinks I own are quite cool. The glitter gives a lighter pink-y silver sheen to the lipstick.

As for the swatches:

This is around 3 swipes and it's basically full coverage, I photographed my lips before to give you an idea of how the colour payoff is with my regular lip pigmentation which is quite pale. I only have a clear lip balm on my lips which I wiped off prior to application.
(natural lip pigmentation)

The formulation is really nice and creamy, definitely not matte. When I rubbed my lips together I couldn't feel the glitter particles at all. These are a bit of a pain to take off however, if you just wipe your mouth you're going to end up with glitter everywhere so I used a wet baby wipe which got nearly all of it off.



  1. I want it so so so bad. Thank you for this post... On my shopping trip this weekend I think this can be my gift to myself!

    Emma x.x.x

  2. This looks gorgeous on you, you have a lovely base for a lip colour i bet neutrals look great on you too x

  3. Goodness me that looks amazing on you! I really want this. XD

  4. Such a gorgeous lipstick! *wants* xx

  5. Really nice colour (^_^)

  6. This is such a pretty colour!!!!

  7. Whoa, this is HOT. I love me a bright pink, so neon is even better ;D