Sunday, 24 October 2010

Rihanna - Who's That Chick (Day Version) Inspired Makeup

Hi guys!
I generally don't go for really bright colours, but after seeing both versions of Rihanna's video for Who's That Chick I really fell in love with the bright look she's wearing in the day version of the video. I definitely wouldn't go around wearing this - the blush is a bit too crazy for my liking! But it was still fun to re-create. 
I actually did this look yesterday, but was wearing the black wig from my Elphaba look - I'm not sure what posessed me but I really didn't like how the photos turned out - though I did like the eye makeup better so I'll include a photo of that. 
I used an iridescent green shadow for the highlight as in some angles of the music video you can see a definite green cast on the brow bone and slightly above the brow.

Products Used:
Face -
Maybelline - Dream Satin Liquid Foundation  (really been liking this foundation lately)
Boujoir Healthy Mix Concealer
Revlon Skinlights (discontinued - liquid hilighter/bronzer depending on shade) bronze shade applied lightly
Super pink blush - mixed bright pink shades from 120 palette,contoured with a deeper pink mixed with a deep purple.
**I did forget to powder hence the slightly overly-dewy skin

Eyes -
Cut crease - MAC Brun and Copperplate
Lid - matte bright yellow from 120 palette
Lower lashline - lined with black shadow, neon green shadow from 120 palette. 
Benefit Bad Gal Liner - lower lashline 
Eyeko Grafitti Liner - Black
Milani Loose Eyeshadow Powder - 07 Mint Green
2 sets of eBay lashes (sorry no name on them!)
MAC Zoomlash mascara

Lips - 
Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick - Indulgence
Illamasqua Intense Lip Gloss - Indulge
Barry M Lip Liner - #12 Fuchsia

Eye makeup from yesterday's version.

Hope you liked it!


  1. love love love it! but like you said wouldnt walk around wearing it x

  2. A-mazing! Youve done this makeup to perfection! .x

  3. I love this look, well done xx

  4. Gorgeous as usual! I love all the looks you do!
    Nice to see you wearing such bright colors too!

  5. U did a great job I plan on doing this too just waiting on a couple more products to come in the mail!

  6. So Lovely! The colors are intense!!!

  7. WOW.. Great Job!

  8. I love how bold everything is, & it's all on point!

  9. Well this is just a wee bit AMAZING! I've said it before but you got skillz lady!! xx

  10. oh and let me say: you're also gorgeous

  11. oh wow ... how amazing... your version is so hot =)

  12. wow looooove that lipstick... its so neon!


    I especially like the incredibly bright lips :D

  14. always always beautiful make up =)

  15. this is really honestly amazing! you have some skills girl xx

  16. Very talented.
    This look is HOT!!!
    One of the best Rihanna (Day) Inspired looks, I've seen so far...

    I'm a bit off my I would actually sport JUST the eyes on a night out lool

    Check out my blog too!

  17. i had to refollow ur blog :/ i couldnt see the updates -amazing work as usual , ur work look like paintings <3

  18. Bold, I like the look!

  19. o wow!
    you're really talented..
    & I love your work!
    thanks for the details..(i.e. listing the products you used..)

  20. Absolutely amazing! You have a real talent! Can I ask where you got you're 120 palette from? xo

  21. Hi Emily, sorry about the late reply I just saw your comment! I bought mine from eBay, the seller was called glamlabel, xx

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  23. hii,, I Love This Look, Do Yu Do Tutorial Videos On Youtube Or Anythin? If Yu Dont I Fink Yu Shud!! Heheh..Lol.. =D
    <3 Itt

  24. Thank you so much for this look. It was just what i was looking for as I am going to my friends birthday party as rihanna. xx

  25. you're very talented! your works are true pieces of art!

  26. That's amazing !!!
    You have a gift :)))