Sunday, 6 June 2010

NOTD - Rimmel 60 Seconds: Purple Reign

Hey everyone, 
I purchased this nail polish recently when it was part of a large Rimmel display in boots - I believe it was for a 3 for 2 promotional offer across the store (or something along those lines), I hadn't seen this colour before in my local Boots as they have a smaller selection compared to the larger stores in the city center. It instantly caught my eye and I picked it up straight away - it's a gorgeous bright warm purple with a  light blue shimmer.

I think the name is very cute and fitting too - it makes me wonder if they really did get inspiration from Prince or the naming is just a coincidnce! I kind of wish they could have got away with actually calling it 'Purple Rain' but I'll let Rimmel off; I thought it was one of their more inventive names as they usually tend to play it safe.

(click to enlarge)
I've purchased polishes from the Rimmel 60 Seconds range before and I've always been happy with them, and this one certainly didn't let me down. This is 2 coats of Purple Reign with a base coat and top coat of my usual Barry M 3 in 1 Nail Paint. 

I recently snapped my index finger nails on both hands so they are looking a bit awkward at the moment! They are starting to grow out slowly but surely though - I just didn't want to have to trim my others down to match, I can live with the growing out process of having 2 slightly awkward nails for a while ;)



  1. Love it! Such a gorgeous colour.

  2. I loove this. Will definately have to check it out :) lovely NOTD xx

  3. yay yesterday my friend just sent me 2 rimmel nail polishes cant wait to try them :D

  4. Oh wow, what a gorgeous colour! That is a perfect purple in my opinion :)

  5. I picked this up at Boots on the 3 for 2 as well last week, it really is an eye catching colour. I have it on my toes at the moment.

  6. Gorgeous colour! Keep meaning to get more Rimmel polishes, i didnt think they would be very good quality but i re-discovered an old one i had and its really nice!

  7. Actually Rimmel does have another nail polish called Purple Rain, it's deep dark burgundy. Both are really nice!

  8. i got a voucher for this so went to boots and ended up buying loads of colours hee hee i love rimmel nail polishes x