Sunday, 6 June 2010

Glamour Doll Eyes Samples: Haul and Review

Hi Everyone,
I've seen this company mentioned a few times on youtube as well as on A Brilliant Brunette's blog so I thought I'd give them a try.

*EDIT* Turns out they do have free shipping for orders over $30 - thanks for letting me know SilhouetteScreams
One thing I will say is that on the site international shipping seems to have a standard price of $28 for full size jars which to me is quite steep; especially if you only want to make a small order of just 2 shadows for example. The standard rate of shipping I've paid for cosmetics from the States is around $14. The sample baggies however were just $1.50 each with free international shipping (free shipping applies to sample jars too). The postage was quick and I recieved them in about 8-9 days.

(as usual click to enlarge all the images)

The colours I received (clockwise from the red glitter) are: 
  • Fierce (cherry red glitter - glitters are called 'Eye Lights' on the site)
  • Techno (teal glitter)
  • Cashed Out! (forest green glitter)
  • Little Black Dress (black glitter)
  • Tokyo (matte lilac shadow)
  • Glam Girl (metallic royal purple)
  • Tattooed (very blue toned purple with an iridescent royal purple shimmer)
  • Sex Appeal (purple toned grey with green shimmer)
  • Hollywood (silver holographic glitter)
  • Glowstick (neon lime green glitter)
  • Rave (bright royal purple glitter)

The 2 free samples I recieved with the order were Sex Appeal shadow and Cashed Out! glitter, I believe free samples are complimentary with every order which was a nice touch.

Overall I feel the photos and descriptions on the site matched very well to the actual colour of the shadows. I actually ended up odering more glitters than shadows. Tattooed I feel is the only one that surprised me slightly, I expected it to be more of a purple colour - as you can see it is very blue toned. 

The glitter is extremely finely milled, I've used them a few times already and am really happy with the quality.
I did have an issue with the black glitter called Little Black Dress though, as it doesn't appear to be as sparkly as the other glitters, it has a lot more of a subtle shimmer that doesn't really show up:

As for the quality of the eye shadows I found them to be amazingly pigmented and lasted just as well as any other shadow I own. I went on a bit of a purple kick when I was ordering, but the free sample of Sex Appeal is really stunning! It's a nice unique colour that I haven't seen before. The shimmery shadows look amazing foiled (applied wet) and take on a more obvious metallic look.

(l to r) Sex Appeal, Tattooed, Glam Girl, Tokyo
Swatches are applied dry with no base to give you an idea of the pigmentation 

The size of the baggies surprised me slightly too as they're quite small being 5 1/2cm x 4cm and are about a third full which isn't really a tonne of product - but I suppose the point of samples are to entice you into buying the full size product so I can't really complain!
The colours of all the samples I ordered are very bright which I'm delighted with, the only thing that puts me off buying the full size jars is the shipping price, if it was lower I would order with no hesitation!



  1. I love Glamour Doll Eyes, I'm actually posting my collection today! I have yet to get any glitters, but I want Hollywood now that I've seen your sample and Glam Girl is my all-time favorite shadow :)

  2. These look gorge, bet you'll create some stunning looks with these! xxx

  3. They look great, I hope you'll be posting some looks with them? I agree $28 is really steep for postage, that would definitely put me off!

  4. Oooh beautiful, love the glitters! But $28 is just ridiculous. Fyrinnae ship worldwide for free if your orer is over $20 and i don't know any other company be more than about $16 :/

  5. Pretty sure they have free shipping for orders over $30

  6. @Ellie - Ooh yes I will be soon! x

    @Lillian - thanks for the heads up about Fyrinnae, I checked out the site and it looks amazing! I'll definitely be making an order when the lip lustres are back in stock hehe x

    @SilhouetteScreams - I don't think so? My original order was going to be full size jars of them all which came to around $60 and the shipping price was still $28 x

  7. Nope, I just checked and went to place a mock order and there's free shipping. I screencapped it, plus its in the FAQ :)

    The $27.50 is just if you want priority shipping.

    Hope that helped :)

  8. @SilhouetteScreams- Ooh thanks for that hun! I had no idea they had shipping options :D Think I may order some full sizes now then! xx

  9. Yay ^____^ I just got a tonne of samples yesterday myself and I'm already dreaming of full sizes :D

  10. I really want glam girl. I'm so addicted to purple eyeshadows.. XD