Thursday, 15 July 2010

Kat Von D Inspired Makeup

Hi Everyone!

Pixiwoo's latest video completely reminded me of the face chart I drew up and never got round to doing. I love red lips with a strong eye, and I think this look is definitely one of my favourites! Kat likes to play around with colour a lot but I thought I'd go with her more signature look of blacks, greys and taupe browns with a pearlescent shadow on the lid. Kat seems to be going for more toned down makeup at the moment with her bright red hair.

I went for a heavier bronzed contour as it's quite prominent in a lot of photographs I've seen of her (and on TV, I'm a total LA Ink addict ;). The stars I individually drew onto paper and cut them out with scissors, coloured them in with a black felt tip pen and stuck them on with Duo lash glue - I knew I would become a little OCD about them if I had to draw them all on. I'm bad enough at stars at it is! I counted 18 stars on that side of Kat's face but I only did 14 because they became a bit tiresome after a while haha. My hair covered a few though, oops!

Products Used:
-Maybelline Superstay 24H foundation - 10 Porcelain Ivory (I'm loving this at the moment)
-MAC Pearl Cream Colour Base (highlight)
-ELF Blush/Bronzing Duo (bronzer for contour, I contoured my nose with this a little too)

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - Black Bean (base for outer V)
MAC - Copperplate
MAC - Print
MAC - Brun + a little Sleek black (brows)
Sleek Storm Palette - Matte Black
Milani Domino Quad - lid and brow highlight
MAC - #7 lashes

MAC - Lady Danger (of course! hehe)

Kat Von D
Whenever I have to type her name 'Kat Von Delayed' always pops into my head from that episode of LA Ink... but that's just me being weird haha.



  1. Love this. Red lips and heavy eyes are usually supposed to be a no no but this so works!!

  2. Very pretty, i love the little stars! :)

  3. GREAT and I love the stars!!!!

  4. This look is absolutely gorgeous! I love Kat Von D :) x

  5. F'n hell woman your make up is ALWAYS ON POINT!!!!! You're my new fav :)

  6. Your make-up is better than her, I swear! ^__^

  7. You look so pretty!!! I love the makeup! Love your red hair too! Do you have purple/violet in your hair? It looks like it and it really looks good! :)

  8. Thank you for the lovely comments!

    @joycexc - Thank you hun! I just checked out your blog :) I actually don't have any violet in my hair - I wish I did! It's the glare from my bedroom window behind me combined with the lighting that gives a funny cast toward the top of my head, you can see it in a few of my other photos xx

  9. Hey miss lady danger! i absolutely love your blog - your make up looks are incredible. i'd just like to say thanks for posting such creative looks, you've made me come out of my comfort zone and experiment with more colour and dramatic make up which is a mile away from my everyday neutral eyeshadow and winged liner haha ;) hope all is well with you xxxxx

  10. Hi Lisa! I am so sorry for not responding to you sooner! I feel awful because your comment really took me by surprise as it was such a nice thing to say - so thank you hun! I've actually been following your blog for a few weeks now! Hope all is well with you too :) xxx

  11. You have a amazing talent. Please feel free to stop by mypage sometimes.

  12. you rocked it I'm thinking about doing tutorials for my blog cause Im having some issues with my format uploading to youtube don't know why but I really love how you did this.