Saturday, 10 July 2010

NOTD: Eyeko - Rain Polish

Hi Everyone,
When Eyeko first sent me the press release images of the new Rain Polish and Saucy Polish I instantly knew I would like them. Rain Polish is a really beautiful grey toned blue with silver shimmer (Saucy Polish is a nice red creme which I find a little vampy). The shimmer in Rain Polish is subtle at first glance but adds a really nice dimension when you look at it closely.

 (taken indoors with synthetic lighting)
The consistency is good, I found the first coat to be just a tad too sheer as I could see my smile line slightly, but I didn't experience any streakiness. Another thin second coat and I was finished. I find that with longer nails I generally will need an extra coat just to block out any transparency from my nail tip.

All nail swatches were taken without a topcoat.

(photograph taken outdoors in natural light)
(photograph taken indoors)

(close-up of shimmer, indoors)

I did recently see MissChievous' youtube review of Eyeko polishes and she seemed to have an issue with some of the brushes in her polishes which I was quite shocked to see- I personally have had no issues with the brushes in my polishes, they're all well aligned with no splaying.

I haven't featured any of the polishes Eyeko have sent me in the past, so I thought I'd include a photo of the shades I own for comparison. Coral Polish has been on my toes for around 2 weeks now (re-painted each week of course!), it's a really nice red toned coral that's perfect for sandals in the summer.

Overall, I'm beyond happy with the quality of Eyeko polishes and am definitely planning a purchase from them - the Cult Classics polish collection in particular where it's 5 polishes for the price of 4 as they are all the colours I was going to purchase separately. I'll definitely be picking up Vampira Polish too, I really can't resist a black polish with red glitter!

*All Eyeko polishes were sent to me by Eyeko, I did not purchase these polishes. Eyeko did not ask for a blog post in return for the products, I just really enjoy using them - I wouldn't feel comfortable featuring a product on my blog that I dislike *



  1. I am so craving an Eyeko nail polish haul right now, thanks to this post! :) I want Rain and Posh oh and of course that Lilac one everyone wears these days! Thanks for sharing ;)

  2. aww wow these colours look amazing x

  3. that's soooo pretty!!! I want me one! =)

  4. I have to have it! What a lovely description and looks amazing on you. x