Friday, 12 March 2010

Lady Gaga - Telephone Makeup

This is based on the makeup Lady Gaga wore during the prison scenes of her new video for Telephone. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it! So I thought I'd give it a go. Naturally, this was just for fun and I wouldn't actually wear this out... well, I do like the eye makeup... I think it would look good with bright pink lipstick for a night out. But that's just me ;)

One thing that I purposely changed was the brow - Gaga's wings out and flicks up at the end but I personally don't like this on myself.

WIth a lot of her looks I have noticed that she always cuts her crease very high in the inner corner, blended up to the brow, with very winged out eyeliner. I've seen her do this with neutral brown, black and blue shadow to give her that big doe-eyed look.

(click to enlarge image)

After watching the video I sat there for 20 minutes trying to get good screen caps of her makeup, haha, so I thought I'd show you the reference pictures I used:

Products Used:
Face -
Maybelline Dream Creamy foundation + MAC 109 brush.
No7 contour powder (from palette)

Eyes -
L'oreal Super Liner - Carbon Gloss
2 pairs of eBay false lashes (heavy!)
Ebay 120 Palete - dark brown
Barry M dazzle dust - the white one! sorry the number has rubbed off
Sleek palette - black and white
120 eBay palette - dark brown
NYX jumbo eye pencil - milk

Lips -
L'oreal black khol eyeliner
Bourjois Lovely Rouge lipstick - 15 Rouge Best (I think these have been discontinued, its just a deeper red lipstick).

I don't particularly like red lipstick this dark on me, especially with the fabulous black liner ;) It feels very gothic with skin as pale as mine is. It was the eye makeup that did it for me with this look.

(click to enlarge)



  1. Amazing! Thanks for reminding me to watch this video too, I've been waiting for it to become available to the UK for ages!

  2. wow that looks amazing!
    Gaga looks really ugly in that video =0/


  3. you've got mad skill, i love it


  4. Amaaaaazing, just amazing. Good job girly!


  5. Wow, that's so impressively done! I think it looks beautiful, very dramatic.

  6. this is so lovely =). you have such a talent hun! XXX

  7. You look gorge! Love,LOVE the eyes! xoxo

  8. You definitely replicated the shape of her shadow... Amazing job :)

  9. This looks great! I like it even better than hers (the brows throw me off!). I agree, I'd totally wear this eye look with a lighter or brighter lip out of the house!

  10. You've done an incredible job, though I'm not surprised. You're impeccably talented

    Also, just in regards to a few comments on here already-Gaga's makeup is rarely proven to enhance her beauty, it's so theatrical that at times it physically cannot. It is always brilliantly executed though & I personally adore her eyebrows in that clip!


  11. I absolutely love this look and would definitely wear it out! Would you consider starting to do tutorials? Either videos or step by step photos.

  12. Thank you everyone for the nice comments :) I was worried this wouldn't get positive feedback as it's the most dramatic look I've posted here!

    @streetlighteyes - Her eyebrows were fab in the video but I just can't pull it off! She can work it fabulously when it comes to expressing herself so creatively through makeup.

    @Andrea - I'm glad you liked it, thanks :) I've considered doing video tutorials in the past, but when it comes to internet makeup gurus there's so many that have popped up lately that are all wonderful in their own right that I don't think I would. I'm still in awe of youtube gurus like petrilude, pixiwoo and queen of blending that I don't think I could compare!
    I may do picture tutorials here on my blog though, I was considering doing one for brows as I get a lot of questions about them. You never know it could lead to more :) xx

  13. Oh wow you did such an amazing job! I think this eyelook could be very wearable too. Thanks!

  14. I love this look! :)
    I'm going to recreate some of the telephone looks as well. So much inspiring makeup in one video! :D

  15. @Pinch - thank you!

    @Zoffe - thanks! I agree, the makeup in the video was amazing, very inspiring indeed :) Can't wait to see your recreations.

  16. this is my next look to try! u did an amazing job! i love it all :) i'm a new follower love the blog!

  17. @Jess- aw thanks, I can't wait to see your version of it. I'm already a follower of your blog, the makeup looks you've done are fantastic! :) x