Saturday, 25 September 2010

Halloween Makeup: Elphaba (from the musical Wicked)

Let all Oz be agreed, I'm WICKED through and through!

Hi Everyone,
I was going to wait until the beginning of October to start posting Halloween looks but I could wait no longer! I thought I'd start out with Elphaba as I've been listening to the Wicked soundtrack all day (what can I say, I have a serious love of all things Idina Menzel). I think this has to be my favourite look I've ever done!

I thought I'd go for the makeup that's seen more in the second act where she has more of a heavy contoured look. Watching lots of backstage broadway videos on youtube helped a lot! One thing I did change was the lip, it's a green lip on stage however I added a twist with the red lip which is seen on all of the promotional images for the show;

(only image taken with flash - the green makes my eyes look really light!)

How I greenified myself:
For the green skin I mixed Barry M Dazzle Dust in Emerald with 6 pumps of foundation (as I knew I would be covering my neck, chest and tops of shoulders and arms). Though the pigment was sparkly when mixed with the foundation it became matte, a little iridescence was apparent on the skin.
I then set the foundation using mixed matte green shadows from my ebay 120 palette to alter the colour a little (it ran a little blue toned, I wanted more of a warmer deeper green). To add dimension I heavily contoured my cheekbones, nose, jawline and collar bones with black shadow.
For highlighted areas of the face (cheekbones, nose, forhead and chin I applied a bright chartreuse green shadow (120 palette). After all this was done I powdered my face using Milani translucent powder to remove any shimmer.

Products Used for rest of look:
Milani Domino Quad - slightly frosted white shadow for browbone, lid and inner corner.
Ebay 120 palette - matte black for crease and under eye, also used applied wet for brows.
MAC Penultimate Liner - Rapidblack - for winged liner
Benefit Eye Bright - Waterline

Barry M Liner in Red
No7 Lipstick in Cherry
MAC Lady Danger lipstick
Black shadow applied with angled brush and blended around edges of mouth.

And that's it! I highly suggest everyone turns themselves green at least one time in their life, it's so strange looking at yourself! ;)



  1. Amazing look :) You are so pretty!

  2. :O Wow! That must have took ages!
    It's amazing!
    :) x

  3. This looks amazing! I love Wicked! =)

  4. WOW! You look great! What a transformation!

    I had the opportunity to see wicked in San Francisco earlier this year, but I didn't go.
    I really regret it now!

  5. I actually love you for this - You look amazing!! I adore Wicked and Idina!!!! I am definitley going to try this myself! xx

  6. Oh my gosh, you've got skills! You just need a pointy black hat now :)

  7. You are such a genius!!! ^__^

    Great job, Ms. Rachel!!!

  8. wow, i love everything you've done with this!

  9. Hi again, I recently gave you a blog award!

  10. i love this! u did an amazing job! u made green skin look glam!

  11. AMAZING! Such a talent! Im now following you btw :) xo

  12. This look is amazing - I am so stealing this idea for Halloween! x

  13. OMG I LOVE you for this!!!!! Im OBSESSED w/ WICKED and I wanted to be Elphaba but I wanted it to be professional grade! Im so gonna try this. You are now officially my favorite beauty blogger. :)

  14. FIERCE :D love the red lip! It's a great contrast

  15. wowww, you did it wickeddd!! lol i went to see wicked for my birthday in may, loved it =)

  16. Love it, you look awesome!! Any chances we get to see other looks for Halloween? Going as a vampire and would like great makeup ideas :)

  17. You look beautiful & so much like the character

  18. Hey! I did a look inspired by this very post on my blog!!!!

    Of course I gave credit where credit is due and directed my readers to your blog :)

    I would love for you to check it out and let me know what you think :)