Sunday, 26 September 2010

Illamasqua Powdered Metal - Ether

Hi Everyone,
Illamasqua's Powdered Metal in Ether was the second item from the new Art Of Darkness collection that Alex kindly sent to me. The powder is a pale gold shade and extremely finely milled, it applies to the skin like butter. It's quite versatile and easily built up, a quick sweep across the skin adds a subtle glow, whereas when built up you can achieve a full-on metallic sheen (I like that it's not glittery, it's really unique that it provides a metallic effect). As the gold is so pale it seems a little cool toned to me, which doesn't look as stark against my pale complexion. This would look beautiful on darker skin tones too. I've actually worn this as an eyeshadow a few times also, it looks great on the lid paired with just winged liner. I have yet to try mixing a little with my foundation for a glowing effect but I will definitely be giving it a go! I love anything that brightens the skin.

The container is quite large, holding 15g of product and has a sifter which I like with finely milled powders as they tend to get everywhere. The powder also comes with an Illamasqua powder puff which I thought was a nice touch. I however have been using both the Illamasqua Body Kabuki or a small blush brush for application. As you get so much product it's ideal for application on larger areas of the body too.

(Indoors with flash, natural lighting)

The packaging again comes with the decorative slip cover unique to this collection, however this time it was blue as opposed to the red that came with the nail polish in Viridian.



  1. Slightly off-topic but is that a Vania Zouravliov illustration you've got there? :)

  2. @Jessica - I'm afraid I'm not sure! It's the image Illamasqua used on the back of all their printed information. I think the one photographed was on the back of the press release info, but it's the same image on everything :) x

  3. Ahh right! I'm pretty sure that's one of his anyway...sorry, my art geek is showing! Love the blog by the way :) xxx