Wednesday, 23 February 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Collection Purchases

Hi Everyone, 
I finally recieved my MAC Wonder Woman order from Selfridges today, I missed my delivery on Monday but luckily had it re-delivered today when I had the morning off. I was really excited when I saw the information about his collection, so much so I skipped the Peacocky collection entirely. Personally, I'm fan of Wonder Woman, particularly the 70s TV show starring Lynda Carter, my DVD box sets have been well and truly watched! I actually have a framed photo of Lynda in full Wonder Woman attire hanging on my bedroom wall that was my dad's.

Apologies for the slight blur on the photos I took, I didn't realise my camera batteries were about to die!

I ended up purchasing 3 things from the collection; Pink Power Mineralize Skinfinish, Blush Duo in Mighty Aphrodite and Russian Red lipstick.

For me the star of the collection is Pink Power Mineralize Skinfinish, I honestly didn't think I'd love it as much as I do. The pigmentation of all 3 shades is really nice, I also like that it's large enough to use each shade separately which is how I intend on using it.

Swatches of Pink Power Mineralize Skinfinish

Mighty Aphrodite Blush Duo looks exactly how I expected it to, I personally love the lighter peach shade alone as a blush but it looks nice mixed with the deeper pink also. When swatching the deeper pink lower half of the blush I found the shade to be a lot sheerer and had to be built up a lot. That's no issue for me however as I wouldn't use that shade alone, I'd mix it with the lighter peach shade.

Swatches of Mighty Aphrodite Blush Duo
(left to right: both shades mixed, top peach half of blush, lower deep pink half of blush)

My final purchase was Russian Red lipstick which has a matte finish. This is an item I definitely bought for the packaging as I'd been planning on purchasing it from the permanent range. I didn't swatch this as I'm sure most people are familiar with it, I will be featuring it in a look soon however :)

Overall, I didn't end up purchasing as much from the collection as I thought I would, but I'm really happy with what I did get. There are some pretty polarised views about the packaging, I personally love it. I've heard a few people mention the MSF packaging looks a little cheap, I disagree with this, the MSF packaging is actually my favourite!
Even though the blush duos come with a mirror, to me they look a little cheaper than the rest of the products.I think that's beause the lid is just the solid red plastic, the gold band isn't visible until you open the compact which stands out from the other products. The raised section of the lid also seems to have a visible seam if you look at it closely, I personally would have loved a domed lid like the MSFs - but that's just my opinion!  


  1. Lovely review. Id love to get my hands on those two face products xx

  2. I will be purchasing that MSF too, i hope the bronzer part doesn't look orange.

  3. I love the msf!

  4. My boyfriend bought me a few items for Valentines day: the red bag, Heroine lipstick, Emancipation lipglass, Golden Lariat MSF, and Valiant eyeshadow quad. I LOVE the packaging and think it's great!

  5. I made my Wonder Woman purchases yesterday when it arrived in store, I got a couple of things from Jeanius too. Do you not but yours from the MAC store with living in Liverpool? x

  6. This product actually looks pretty cool. I walked past it in the Mac store, but I really should try it out.

    The colors are fabulous!

  7. Love the blush duo! Great pink shades.

    I gave you a blog award!

  8. the colours are all amazing - thanks for sharing xxxxx

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