Tuesday, 23 February 2010

1960s Edie Sedgwick Inspired Eye

Hi everyone,
My new camera arrived today (yay!) so I thought I'd have a little play around.
I'm currently re-reading Edie: An American Biography, and felt like doing some 60s inspired makeup.

Please excuse the image of just the eye - I was supposed to be having a 'makeup free' day today, so I only did the look on one eye, leaving the rest of my face bare.

I'd really like to re-do this in the future as a full face look - inspired by Lisa Eldridge's latest youtube video: a modern 60s look with bright peach lips and blush.

Edie Sedgwick.
Picture from Google Images.

I'll be posting some more looks shortly! Ones that feature more than just my eye.
I jotted down a few I'd like to do yesterday and ended up writing down 15 different looks, so they should keep me busy for a while!

Products Used:
  • Rimmel Recover Concealer
  • Sleek Graphite Palette : Black and White
  • Ebay 120 Palette: Dark brown (brows)
  • L'Oreal Super Liner - Carbon Gloss
  • False Lashes (Top and Bottom)
  • Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara
  • Rimmel - White Eye Kohl


  1. Wow, everything about your eye makeup and brows is so precise. I look forward to seeing the full face!

  2. great!


  3. Gorgeous I love extreme/dramatic look =)

  4. 1960's/Twiggy inspired make up is one of my favourite looks! And I agree your eyebrows are fabulous ^.^


  5. Love the contrast in this look. Your eyebrows are a brilliant shape and so neat!! I wish I could get mine like that!xx

  6. Wow, I'ts looks like this that make me wish I had dark precise eyebrows!

  7. Girl you've got some talent! Amazing look, love it! Oh and your brows are perfection, slightly jealous :)x

  8. I do the same thing sometimes only doing one eye lol i thought i was the only one. awesome look though you have great eyebrows :)

  9. You are actually amazing at makeup. Your lines are so precise. LOVE it.