Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Hi Everyone,
Firstly my apologies for not posting anything for a week and a half, I was just getting over a chest infection when I got a stomach bug, and now my chest infection has returned. So it's not been the best month haha, therefore I haven't worn much makeup at all!

(like always, click to enlarge)

This was a nightmare to photograph! The day I took the pictures it was terribly overcast, so getting bright red to stand out proved quite the task :( However I think I'm happy with the way it turned out.
(And er.. please ignore the fact that I'm wearing a bathrobe over my clothes haha, I didn't think you could see it!)

I got quite a funny e-mail the other day, asking me if I only had one eye - so I thought I'd clear things up - I have 2 eyes! Generally my fringe will fall in front of it OR I just did the makeup look on one eye and covered it so it doesn't look odd. I'll be sure to involve both next time.

Products Used -
Ebay 120 palette - bright matte red
Sleek Graphite Palette - white + matte black
Stargazer holographic cosmetic glitter applied as a glitter eyeliner
Urban Decay 24/7 Liner (black)

Maybelline Dream Creamy Foundation
Heavy contour was a mixture of very dark brown and black shadow. - It's meant to look very harsh and dark, based on how nasty the Queen of Hearts can be at times!
I also brought this contour under the jawline.

MAC - Lady Danger lipstick

For the hearts around the eye - I had some leftover giant heart sequins. I just stuck them around the eye area using a tiny bit of Duo lash adhesive, stippled over it using the bright red from the ebay 120 palette + a bit of black for some depth. Then peeled it off to reveal the flesh coloured hearts underneath. I then filled in 3 of the 5 hearts with the white frost shadow from the Sleek Graphite Palette



  1. i hate you for being so awesome!
    please please do a tutorial vid for your next creation =D
    hope your feeling better! xxxx

  2. This is gorgeous! You're beautiful and have such a talent =). love thiss!!! XO

  3. WOW girl you have got some talent! Such a interesting and gorgeous look. Love it :) xx

  4. You are the best makeup artist ever! it's so dramatical deep and strong...everything I love!


  5. wow! ur creativity is amazing! :) and look gorgeous!


  6. This is sooo fierceeeeeeeee!! Love it!!!
    I love the touch of glitter !!!

  7. Ah, damn you, you're so creative!


  8. Ahhh it's so good! You should have entered MakeupGeek's as well- you would have won. You should win this one!

  9. U did such a good job!! and i love your hair color!!! its soo cute and unique =)