Thursday, 20 May 2010

NOTD - DIY Holographic Glitter Nail Polish

I'm just going to be honest: I like anything that's glittery, sparkly and is reminiscent of a disco ball.

After my 'Holographic Nail Tips' blog post I decided I wanted to take it a step further and go for full-on blinged out nails.

I entirely blame Katy Perry for my fascination with sparkly silver nails after she posted a photo on Twitter of her silver rhinestone encrusted nails:

(image from twitpic.

Due to the fact I didn't have near enough rhinestones on hand to attempt a re-creation, I decided to make my own holographic glitter nail polish instead. I generally favor holographic silver glitter over plain silver glitter as it looks a lot more sparkly. The rainbow of colours it reflects gives more of a star burst effect.

I used an older bottle of Barry M's 3 in 1 nail paint that was about 1/5th full and had become somewhat gloopy due to regular use; when the bottle is fresh it's a very thin textured topcoat that dries quickly.

To pour the glitter into the bottle I used a piece of paper rolled into a funnel shape and stuck it in the top of the bottle, then poured the glitter in. I didn't measure how much glitter I used, but by eye I'd say about 1/12th of the container. I added some more clear nail polish to the mixture (from a new bottle of Barry M 3 in 1 nail paint) to thin the polish out.

All photos are taken after 2 coats of polish, which isn't entirely opaque:

Before I go out tomorrow night I think I'll add one more coat to cover any gaps (as you can see above). 2 coats gave pretty good coverage, but not full- ideally I would have used a silver polish underneath.



  1. They look amazing! I would never have thought to use holographic colours...I may have to try this! Maria xxx

  2. how pretty! I really like katy perrys nails as well, I may try these :) x

  3. That's such a cool idea, it looks great! :)

  4. Looks gorgeous! I think i may do this, i love holographic polishes.

  5. It soo pretty, looove it! Ill try this when i buy some glitters.

    Miss Nikka

  6. This is awesome.. I never would have thought to do that! xx

  7. Wow this is gorgeous.. so tempted to do this right now but have no glitter at the mo

  8. omg katy perry's nails look amazing! i love your version too because it's more wearable!

  9. that really is very inventive and such a great outcome!

  10. What an amazing idea!! Looks fab babe - I'm exactly the same instantly attracted to glitter :D xxx

  11. Love this! It looks great, very inventive. I love Katy Perry's too, but don't think I could get away with that at work! :D

  12. I like your version better actually. It isnt quite as harsh on the eyes I dont think. I will try this.