Friday, 14 May 2010

Topshop Cream Blush Review + Superdrug MUA Revisited

Hi Everyone,

Today I finally returned the Topshop cream blush I purchased that had been put in the wrong box, what I thought to be Neon Rose turned out to be Crushed Berry - a very dark berry pink. I swapped it for the actual Neon Rose blush, so I'd definitely recommend checking your product is in the right box if purchasing anything from the range :)

Firstly, Neon Rose is my favourite colour out of all the blushes, it very much reminds me of a brighter version of Barry M's 'Peachy Pink' Lip Paint:

All of the blushes have a lovely texture: really creamy and then set to a somewhat matte powder finish. They look very natural when blended out but can easily be amped up. They have great pigmentation too so you only need minimal product.

I wore 'Pinch' today, which looks quite frightening in the pan however I applied it firstly with a MAC 109 and blended out with a duo fiber brush - it gave a really nice pink tint that looked like it was coming from within.

(L to R) Neon Rose, Pinch - top row blended out slightly.

I think for £6 they're very well priced, especially as you don't need that much product as they are so pigmented, they look nice applied to the lips too because of the pigmentation. I've used 'Pinch' every day since I purchased it, and I can see myself using Neon Rose even more than 'Pinch'.

Regarding the Superdrug MUA range, I finally swatched the eyeshadows when applied wet:


(applied as normal with dry brush, layered 3-4 times)
(Shades L-R are 9 + 3)

As expected the pigmentation is far more impressive, especially the purple, I think it's such a lovely colour :)



  1. the blush looks gorgeous as a lip colour <3

  2. wow, applying the MUA eyeshadows wet has made such a different! I am going to look for that blush next time in topshop, it looks gorgeous :) x

  3. Hey I noticed your from the UK and I wanted to try the Top Shop makeup. I live in the US and was wondering is there anything you wanted to try that you can't get in the UK. We could do a swap? Let me know what you think...

  4. I love the blushes, i really like their cream to powder formula. I have neon rose and love it, such a unique colour and now i think i need pinch :P

  5. So beautiful, thanks for the swatches. And I recieved the lippy yesterday! xx

  6. @ Lisa - sorry hun! that's the Barry M lip paint, I should have annotated it better :) The Topshop blush looks exactly like it though, just a bit brighter and more orange toned xx

    @ Stevie - I'm so glad I managed to get good colour payoff from them. The purple was such a gorgeous colour, I'm glad I can use it now without layering it 10 times xx

    @HelloGorgeous - I've sent you an e-mail lovely, to the e-mail address listed on your blog under 'Contact Me' :) xx

    @Lillian - I'm so impressed with them! hehe, pinch is really nice ;) x

    @Lora - ah I'm so glad you got it! I hope you like it! xx

  7. Hi! I just started following you and weirdly I too did a post about the TS makeup and MUA eyeshadows at once and then your post with the pink nails is pretty much what I just posted but I used Barry M nail paint instead. My thumb nail is shorter than my other nails too:P Haha I'm sure all this seems super random but thought I'd share anyway. Great blog! =))xx